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Article: Journal | No. 1

Journal | No. 1


We are thrilled to share with you the launch of our website and premiere of our stunning brand video. ENJOY!

We are a multidisciplinary retailer and design studio selling contemporary and time honored brands of furniture, art, objects, jewelry, apothecary, and much much more. 

We have and continue to create an atmosphere inspired by community, culture and design as it ebbs and flows worldwide, throughout time, and through all walks of life. Our store features the likes of Jan Barboglio, Lawrence Peabody, Ken Webber, vintage Murano to contemporary SkLO lighting.

We work with artists and designers whom we believe to have a thoughtful and unique perspective with an emphasis on quality construction. Currently gracing our walls are pieces by Butch Anthony, Peter Manion, Miss Buggs, Gerard Erley and Joe Miller. We are honored to know each of them on a personal level and support their purpose and passion of creating art.

Every product we curate has a story that speaks to the Low Rider ideology. We hope our clients and customers implement our offerings in a lifestyle that represents their own unique perspective, creating their own story, throughout time. 

Come explore our website, store and welcome to the Low Rider community.


Low Rider


P.S. Huge thanks & gratitude : Photography & Videography by Jeff Jones / / @jeffjonesphotography


Ride Low.  Ride Hard.  And always out of sight.