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Gemini Seed Bundle

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From Plantgem:

Gemini doubles the fun (insert twin emoji). You need color, charisma, and class in your garden, which is why your spirit flowers are the playful, dashing, and multidimensional Zinnias. In every color of the rainbow, here to dazzle, but strong and adaptable. Everyone wants a Gemini at their party, and a Zinnia in their bouquet.

The Gemini garden is full of hardy, fast growing bursts of color that bring unique shape and style to your space and also happily mix in with veggies, as Geminis often like to get two things done at once.

Includes five types of Gemini-esque flower seed tubes, individually packed in a little cotton bag, perfect for gifting or keeping your potting bench organized: Queen Lime Orange Zinnia, Spun Yellow Marigold, Oklahoma Salmon Zinnia, Grace Salmon Godetia, and Sunfill Green Sunflower.


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Gemini Seed Bundle
Gemini Seed Bundle Sale price$30.00