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Houseplant Simply Nitrogen

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From Love, Plants:

She's green. She's luscious. She's showing off her gorgeous new leaves. What's her secret?

Nitrogen is THE most important nutrient plants need for green, leafy growth. Highly concentrated and potent, this organic fertilizer can be watered into soil or misted on leaves. Nitrogen has been scientifically proven to help plants grow quickly and to develop strong, resilient plants. 


Foliar Spray: Dissolve approximately one quarter scoop (5cc) per 6 ounces of water. Shake well and mist over all plant leaves and stems. Repeat 1-2 times each month or as needed.

Watering Additive: Dissolve 1 scoop (20cc) per gallon of water. Water plants at the root zone. Repeat monthly or as needed.

Store in sealed container in a cool, dry place. Do not apply more than recommended. Do not store diluted product. Mix only the amount of product needed for immediate use.

Use sparingly on succulents and cacti.

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Houseplant Simply Nitrogen
Houseplant Simply Nitrogen Sale price$24.00