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Virgo Seed Bundle

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From Plantgem:

Virgo, have your garden and eat it too! Particular and precise, Virgo gardens can be amongst the most orderly and tidy- a delight to behold (hard work too!) For all that effort we suggest a reward: eat your flowers. Virgo’s spirit flower is the Snapdragon. Tall, in a perfect spire, with incredibly colored blooms. Nothing out of place with the Snapdragon, it’s a symmetrical flower with consistent blooms. Plus it makes a lovely garnish for your perfectly mixed bev.

Includes five types of Virgo-esque flower seed tubes, individually packed in a little cotton bag: Spun Orange Marigold, Purple Emperor Nasturtium, Chantilly Salmon Snapdragon, Potomac Appleblossom Snapdragon, and Cream Troika Nasturtium.


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Virgo Seed Bundle
Virgo Seed Bundle Sale price$30.00