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Aries Seed Bundle

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From Plantgem:

The Ram, Aries, you passionate, motivated, confident humans! We love your cheerful disposition and relentless determination. You are not a halfway gardener, you want it bold! You need flowers that rise up strong and proud. The Aries garden makes a statement, and will be boldly different than any other.

Includes five types of Aries-esque flower seed tubes, individually packed in a little cotton bag: Valkyrie Pink Aster, Thai Silk Apricot Chiffon California Poppy, Grace Salmon Godetia, Champagne Bubbles Pink Iceland Poppy, and Delft Blue Nigella.

Specific planting instructions are printed on each individual seed tube, but general instructions are below.

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Aries Seed Bundle
Aries Seed Bundle Sale price$30.00