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Garden Veggie Planting Pods

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From Love, Plants:

Moving is a pain, but a helping hand goes a long way. Simply drop a pod in your planting hole to help your plant babies find zen in their new homes.

For use in transplanting large vegetable starts and flowering plants, each convenient pod contains a combination of nutrients and fantastic fungi to help plants get established and thrive in their new environment.

Best for use on heavy feeding annuals and perennials like tomatoes, peppers, trees, shrubs, roses, and rhododendrons.


Each bag is good for use on 8 large transplants.

Place pod at the bottom of each planting hole below roots. Plant transplant on top and water thoroughly. Store unused pods in sealed pouch to prevent moisture damage.

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Garden Veggie Planting Pods
Garden Veggie Planting Pods Sale price$22.00