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Houseplant Probio

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From Love, Plants:

Hear me out... Humans need a healthy gut biome to digest food. That's why we take probiotics. Plants need beneficial bacteria and fungi to digest nutrients too. So do your plants a favor, and give their soil some probiotics! 

Healthy, living soil is crucial to happy, thriving plants. Houseplant Probio is a mixture of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial microbes that improves nutrient absorption, encourages plant resiliency, enhances plant growth, and improves soil quality. 


Apply 1 teaspoon per 6 inches of pot diameter or 1 tablespoon per 12 inches of pot diameter. Spread over the entire root zone and water in. Repeat monthly or as needed.

Can also be inserted deeper into soil through coring holes or mixed into soil when repotting at a rate of 1-3 tablespoons per plant depending on size.

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Houseplant Probio
Houseplant Probio Sale price$16.00