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Sagittarius Seed Bundle

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From Plantgem:

Dear Sagittarius, you are a fireball of intelligence and intensity. To that end, we are going to throw you a curveball and suggest you pepper your garden this year with some lacy grace and (fun)ctionality. We DO NOT say this to suggest you need more of a light touch but we do think it is always fun to play with plants that bring elements of surprise into our lives:)

The Sagittarius gardener loves their seeds. They have the attention to detail and the follow-through to go from tiny seed to glorious garden.

Includes five types of Sagittarius-esque flower seed tubes, individually packed in a little cotton bag: Flamingo Feather Celosia, Chocolate Lace Flower, Shirley Amazing Grey Poppy, Lilac Pompom Breadseed Poppy, and Lacy Pink Lace Flower.

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Sagittarius Seed Bundle
Sagittarius Seed Bundle Sale price$30.00