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Veggie Harvest Kit + Copper Stakes

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From Love, Plants
Garden Harvest Kit 
Whether you're growing veggies, flowers, or a little bit of everything, this kit will set your garden up for a healthy growing season and fruitful harvest. 

This kit features: (if you want more info than a quick general description) 
  • Fertile Garden Formula adds 17 types of fungi and beneficial bacteria to help bring your soil to life. Sprinkle over seeds when planting and reapply to root base monthly, then water in. 
  • Vital Nutrient Boost supports your plants' needs with the important nutrients that help them root, shoot and bloom all season long. Shake over root zone and water in twice monthly. 
  • Simply Nitrogen fertilizer supports green leafy growth and is helpful to all garden plants but especially herbs, greens, and leafy shrubs. Mix into watering can and water at root zone twice monthly. 
  • 5 reusable copper label stakes 
  • Bonus: 3 types of seeds to help get your garden growing! 
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Veggie Harvest Kit + Copper Stakes
Veggie Harvest Kit + Copper Stakes Sale price$50.00